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Who Called Me From 855-593-0069?


(855)593-0069 is a Debt Recovery Company. This company called my former neighbors and family stated that I had stolen something from them and filed charges against me at the State Attorney's office. I researched and found no such charges against me. I then called the number only to discover it was a debt collector who used extreme scare tactics to get my information.


This person name mike rodgers called me today from an unvailable number but said call him at his direct line 855-593-0069 saying concerning information that he has and forwarding to my county office to file charges then called my daughter saying the same thing he is in violation of the Federal Consumer Protection Act and in violation of the Federal Fair Debt/Collection Act according to the Federal Trade Commission you should report and file complaint with the FTC debt collectors have to send you proof of a said debt in writing.

Linda Murphy

Now they say the work for the gov. THEY NEED TO BE STOPED


Just got the call from Mike. Said charges have been filed against me and I need to be in court Mon. Really where is the documentation! I just ignore!
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