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Who Called Me From 855-608-1912?


Not Dillard's. Hang up


Claims they are Dillard's and someone is attempting to open a credit card in your name. I refused to give them my information and instead called Dillard's (# on their website) they confirmed that 855-608-1912 is NOT Dillard's.


Just received a call claiming to be Dillard's on my cell phone for my husband. It is not the Dillard's number and yesterday a similar thing happened to my husband saying it was Target. Check all number's for authenticity before giving personal information over the phone. Let's all be careful out there!


Just received a call claiming to be Dillards Credit Card Dept. Please don't waste your time. Just hang up. They will try to get your personal information. I have to say, the lady on the phone sounded so kind and sweet that for a second I thought it could be true. Do Not give your information.


I actually work for this Dillard's dept and yes that is a legit number. This is the number we leave with customers to call back in their voice-mails so we can finish processing applications. Not sure who told you guys it was not legit, but that is definitely a number for our credit team members.
I just received a voicemail from that number just hope it’s legit, they just want a birthdate, and to verify my phone number
9 months ago
It actually is Dillard credit card service. It is legit number
9 months ago
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