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Who Called Me From 855-708-3838?


Claims to be doing a local feature, on kptv.com, on my business's area of business for my community and wanted to feature my business. I got my hopes up when he made it sound like he worked at KPTV.com and was doing a legitimate story in the message he left. In reality he is selling advertising space for the ads that appear on the site. My business has no web presence except being listed in yelp and a few online business directories. I have a very limited clientele base based on word of mouth so the idea of being picked to be a featured business out of all the more well established businesses made me suspicious. This is not the first call I have received, since listing my business a few weeks ago, wanting me to pay for advertising, and I don't expect it to be the last.


Called our business too and claimed they wanted to feature us in a local magazine. Pretty exciting at first considering we a non-profit just getting our feet wet. Missed their call the first time from prefix 855, then when they called back, it was an area code 425 #. I didn't answer because there was no reason I would be expecting a call from this area code. When I called back after realizing they were the same person (kinda odd and very fishy) they did not answer and I left a message stating if they were not trying to sell us advertising I would be open to what they have to say. No call back. How ironic. Smells like a scam or unethical business practice to me so I would recommend either avoiding them/blocking them or really feeling these guys out before doing business.


I'm glad that you guys posted what this guy really wanted. I'm also starting a small business and he called me saying that he wanted to "feature my business" I'm glad that I read all this before getting my hopes up


Got the same call. I knew it was fishy when California Love was playing in the background while he promised to feature me on KSDK.


same experience here - Cameron from King5 news. When I called back and his voicemail didn't say anything about King5, but said "if you are a customer, call 855..." I got suspicious, hung up and found these comments. Glad I didn't waste my time!
Called to feature my business on king 5 and I was suspicious right away.It was same guy Cameron.
4 years ago


"Cameron" tried to scam a private investigator with this hoax; out of Indianapolis IN.
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