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Who Called Me From 855-708-3839?


Said they were from my local news station, KGW.com, and wanted to offer me advertising space on their homepage. It seemed legit, bc when I asked them to direct me to where on the website they were offering it, they did, and even steered me to a linked site that offered advertising... but that also made me a little skeptical. I looked up the phone number on 411.com but there was no info. I want to verify if they are legit or not, bc the ad package they quoted sounded fairly reasonable; $250 mo. for homepage banner ad, article link, and a short video on my business, for a 1 year advertising contract. Can you find out whether its a scam or not? My business is in downtown Portland, OR, Ignite Payments Universal Commerce
( http://www.ignitepaymentsucommerce.com ) I don't want any advertisements from your site, just answers. So if you do any advertising, please leave me off your lists for prospects, I just want to know if this is a scam or legit. Thanks.

This is legit not a scam. My business is on KGW's website
5 years ago


I got a call from the same number. Dude said he's Ryan Kelly from KHDK channel 5 here in St Louis, MO. Quoted me at $100/m for an exclusive spot on the stations homepage, ad package and a video. Don't trust him.


I recieved a call from the same number said he's Ryan Kelly from live 5 news WCSV Charleston, SC.


Same here, Ryan Kelley from WFSB, Channel 3 in Hartford, CT. Said it was part of a community program. $125 per month for 12 months. He mentioned a couple of web page areas from WFSB's website, but I couldn't find the exact spot he was talking about. I wonder if they are targeting Facebook businesses? Beware!!!


This is advertising. I'm not sure what the confusion is?...


Works for a company that works with news stations all over the country. It's legit, he number is also on the website for the station.
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