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Who Called Me From 855-777-2610?


They called, confirmed they got my number from a list, refused to tell me what company they were with and then after I asked to speak with her manager, he refused to give me any information and denied he bought my number off a list, then proceeded to badger me for asking questions.

This number was also listed in a Publishers Clearing House scam although I did not get far enough in the conversation to confirm or deny said allegations.

Regardless, do not answer.


Called saying I "was listed" as a relative of someone they "needed to get a message to." That they were "crosscheck" calling re "amco" but could not tell me what either of those organizations actually were. Became very nasty when I questioned too much. Hope I made their day a little brighter.


Called me and left a voicemail about important business matter tried to call back if no one answers at least it’s either a scam or someone just trying to get information to scam me


Left a voicemail looking for a relative of mine for "an important business matter" I called the number and had to ask for the name of the company (CSF) and had to push to get information regarding their services (financial). The person who answer the phone kept insisting on finding out what my relationship to the relative they were looking for. I did not tell them and asked what type of financial services they offer. They could not disclose my relative's information at which point I told them they would have to find him some other way.


Asked a lot of dental specific questions but wouldn't give me their information. Asking for costs of specific procedures at our dental office and if we take Cigna.
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