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Who Called Me From 855-844-2646?

Johnson Gramm

Got is number from a voice message call. he says from Once Driven. They use the machine to call the car seller from craiglist.com to ask to pay few hundreds dollars for a guarantee sell. Here is the inform:

Hi, My name is Michael and I work for Once Driven. The number here is (855) 844-2646. Uhh, we’ve got some clients who are shopping for vehicles, and I’m going through a list of vehicles like yours. I’d like to find out more about it and, um, tell you little bit more about what we can do to help you get it sold. Uh, there’s a small fee for the service. It’s well worth it. I’ll tell you about it when you call. We do guarantee the results. So give me a call before 5 today. Uh, the number is (855) 844-2646. Have a great day.


This is exactly the same message I received the other day after listing my car on cars.com. I mean literally the exact same with the um and uhh as quoted from Johnson Gramm, except he said his name was Ted. I did not spend the time calling him back, because after googling this number it came up with plenty of hits as scam and bad business practices.


Same exact script with "Ted" calling.


Same experience as others. I never replied and after several weeks of calls they left a message stating they would not call again if I didn't reply, and I didn't. Now four weeks later they are calling again. I sold my truck in 7 days on Autotrader.com and had them take the ad down a couple of days later. These guys apparently track ads by the ad number and never bother to see if he ad is still running. Called them back two different times today to give them a piece of my mind, on hold 20 minutes each time, never did get to talk to them. Went to their website and contacted them that way and told them enough already! Autotrader works, I have bought and sold on Autotrader.com several times, never a problem with Autotrader but you will get some yahoo's like this trying to take advantage.


exactly same as you guys. After I post an ad on Kijiji to sell my car but after google it I found that this is a scam one.


Started receiving multiple calls and text after posting an ad on AutoTrader.com. It appears that the telemarketers and scam artists are targeting online sellers by combing sites like Craigslist and AutoTrader for victims. List of the calls we received below…

(855) 844-2646, 2647 and 2648 (OnceDriven.com)
(469) 654-7633 (paulwaym101@hotmail.com)
(702) 567-8866 Cory @ One Stop Motors in Vegas
(714) 703-6474 Auto Insurance Placement Center | http://whocalled.us/lookup/7147036474

FWIW we removed the ad and are still receiving calls. More on Once Driven below…


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