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Who Called Me From 855-866-2025?


My wife was using her phone browsing to watch Hindi serials from some desi websites using Safari browser suddenly she got a message saying your is inffected by virus and call apple support at 855-866-2025 to fix the issue, after restarting the phone also whenever we opened the safari browser this message is poping out and it says call apple support @ 1-855-866-2025 to unlock the phone, we tried calling that number, immedietly someone answered and asked for our apple id upon giving apple id I explained the problem and immedielty the person told me your phone is innfected by virus and it will cost 99$ to fix it, I asked is there any other options and asked what if I take this phone to apple store to fix it..the person replied apple store fixes only hardware problem and this is software problem due to some security breach and only they can fix it at the cost of 99$. I asked what if I reset my phone and person replied it wont help since the kernal security of the phone is infected... I almost belived what they said however and some second thoughts so I hung up the phone and told let me call back after some time, then I went to Iphone settings and cleared Safari browser histroy and blocked cookies then reopened Safari and it start working...then I realised someone tried scamming us....and googled for this number and found lot of cases like this with similar number in 855-866- series.


looks like a scam go to setting and delete all of safari history
10 months ago
THANK YOU!!!! You just saved me so much time and stress!! I just had the same thing happen and I followed your advice and am up and working in no time!! Thank you Bala!!!
10 months ago
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