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Who Called Me From 855-880-5492?


The caller left a message on my voice mail saying that there was an urgent claim at a law firm and to please contact this phone number. I then called back asking who they were and why they were calling. The male on the other end of the line asked for my name and I refused to give it to him. I only gave him my cell number which is my work cell number. He again tried to get my name and I refused again and he said that they handle various matters. He then asked me if my name was Lorna something and I said no. He then asked I'd my name was Rene something or other and I said no and explained that this was my work cell number. He then asked if I knew anyone by those names. Again I said no. He said he would remove my name from the list. I think it is Ascham of some sort. Hope this helps others.
I got one today... Exact same thing. They used a name similar to mine but was not mine.. Scam
3 years ago
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