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Who Called Me From 855-977-2023?



Got a vm from "Elizabeth Hubbell" at this number re: legal documents to be served via courier to either my home or work. Called back asked what it was about, person on phone "John Carver" indicated "their client" (wouldn't say whom) was having the docs sent out for breach of contract re: an HSBC/Capital One credit card. I have no idea what they're talking about. Then they said the docs were being sent and should be returned indicating if I was going to hire counsel, file bankruptcy, or take care of it. Uhhh, when I cited them for harassment, Mr. Carver became extremely rude, was talking/yelling over me, and kept patronizing the crap out of me saying he appreciated my concern over not knowing what the hell he was talking about, but he was just a messenger to let me know what the vm left was in regards to. I said SURE, HAVE YOUR COURIER BRING IT TO MY OFFICE. I work in a law office. This is the kind of crap we laugh about on a daily basis. It's a debt collector from probably a wayyy out of date debt and statute of limitations has more than likely run. Stupid idiots. Don't fall victim to this trap - they are illegally trying to obtain information. Legal documents are NEVER forewarned or give prior notification of their arrival. If they call again, claim they are HARASSING YOU and that you will report them to the FTC, the BBB, and your local congressperson. Also tell them you know exactly what company they're calling from (even if you don't) and that you will have your lawyers be looking into their dubious ways of business. :D

pay your god damn Bill and no one will have to sue you.....
4 years ago


My experience is likened to the one written about by "jada". Individual left vm stating he was "Bill Taylor" and that he was giving me a "courtesy call" regarding "legal documents" that would be delivered. Additionally, he stated that should I have any questions I should call the "senator's office" at "855-977-2023". I called "the senator's office" and after several rings I was connected to a voice-mail greeting in "Bill Taylor's" voice. Only he didn't give that as his name. Instead, the name given was rather garbled and sound somewhat like "Pete Leyland". Odd? Yeah. Unusual for me? Yeah. Scam or some other bothersome what-not? Very likely.
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