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Deca financial services

May be a telemarketer for the USOC. Also calls from 855-256-3937.

They are rude. My husband and I work, they called 4 times and left 4 separate messages in a matter of 3 hours according to caller ID. The message leads me to believe they are trying to be intimidating by stating they need to speak with me or my attorney immediately. I won't be returning their call, I have no time or willingness to work with someone that has an attitude from the get go.

have a scratch card to win (stuff) from Filter Queen call 855-420-1742 or 604-520-1742 to claim!!

This number appears on my called ID at least once a day every day now for about a month. I don't pick up when I don't recognize the number. From the posts I've read it is a debt collector. Funny thing is that I am debt free and have been for over a year.

they claim to be General Revenue Corporation - no such entity

Debt Collector

Claims to be an arbitration attorney named "Rick Johnson". Becomes argumentative when confronted. Do not give info to this person....Beware!!!

American Express Merchant Services

Called saying I "was listed" as a relative of someone they "needed to get a message to." That they were "crosscheck" calling re "amco" but could not tell me what either of those organizations actually were. Became very nasty when I questioned too much. Hope I made their day a little brighter.

Called, no message
jude grubb:

debt collector
k raja:

where r u ?
Bill Bay:

(NRA) National Recovery Agency (Debt Collector)uses the following telephone numbers:

8778374130, 7032919005, 8007734503, 7034361288, 8662405037, 8005215165, 8884847594, 8006200371, 8007734503, 7163624891, 8008146546, 8008146580, 7242509457, 8776711851, 8003602998, 8664315117, 8552329534, 7137772501, 8558643453, 8662753315, 8778593653, 8777283486, 8777431358, 7203251321, 8662407531, 8778584319, 7036569948, 866 240 7530, 8667617602, 8662318218, 4073474021, 8772004113, 3362170877, 2152444200, 8664264288, 8884267576, 8662318218, 8558564583

877-837-4130, 703-291-9005, 800-773-4503, 703-436-1288, 866-240-5037, 800-521-5165, 888-484-7594, 800-620-0371, 800-773-4503, 716-362-4891, 800-814-6546, 800-814-6580, 724-250-9457, 877-671-1851, 800-360-2998, 866-431-5117, 855-232-9534, 713-777-2501, 855-864-3453, 866-275-3315, 877-859-3653, 877-728-3486, 877-743-1358, 720-325-1321, 866-240-7531, 877-858-4319, 703-656-9948, 866 240 7530, 866-761-7602, 866-231-8218, 407-347-4021, 877-200-4113, 336-217-0877, 215-244-4200, 866-426-4288, 888-426-7576, 866-231-8218,

(877) 837-4130, (703) 291-9005, (800) 773-4503, (703) 436-1288, (866) 240-5037, (800) 521-5165, (888) 484-7594, (800) 620-0371, (800) 773-4503, (716) 362-4891, (800) 814-6546, (800) 814-6580, (724) 250-9457, (877) 671-1851, (800) 360-2998, (866) 431-5117, (855) 232-9534, (713) 777-2501, (855) 864-3453, (866) 275-3315, (877) 859-3653, (877) 728-3486, (877) 743-1358, (720) 325-1321, (866) 240-7531, (877) 858-4319, (703) 656-9948, (866) 240-7530, (866) 761-7602, (866) 231-8218, (407) 347-4021, (877) 200-4113, (336) 217-0877, (215) 244-4200, (866) 426-4288, (888) 426-7576, (866) 231-8218

Dawn p.:

This is Verizon calling to verify a new order.

CA Technologies

Once again, 855-256-5038 called three times today at my home number as listed on the FCC do-not-call registry. When I finally picked up (to tell them stop calling) it hung up before I could say hello. I'm getting more robocalls than ever these days. I really hate these constant interruptions.
B Brand:

Started calling Feb 28th. Also uses 855-784-8369 as Toll free or Name not available. Calls once a day at varying times. One time I answered, no one was there. Suspect it is Collection Agency regarding supposed debt with Charter Communications from 2011 which has been settled, I thought. Will block.

Received two missed calls in last two days without any message. No idea who is the caller.

They called, confirmed they got my number from a list, refused to tell me what company they were with and then after I asked to speak with her manager, he refused to give me any information and denied he bought my number off a list, then proceeded to badger me for asking questions.

This number was also listed in a Publishers Clearing House scam although I did not get far enough in the conversation to confirm or deny said allegations.

Regardless, do not answer.

This woman called left a message on my phone and my in-laws phone. When she leaves her name she says it so fast that you cant even understand it but she make sure she says the rest of the message slow and clear enough and the phone number 855-858-8138. She said that I had 2 hrs to call back or she whould be at my home or place of business to serve me papers. Then she says she will call my local police departmart to serve me with papers today. She goes on saying i need to call the plantif within two hrs or she will be at my place of business or home to serve me papers then she leaves the number 855-858-8138 again. Wow really? How is she planing to pull that off if she doesnt know exactly where I live shes called 2 differnt states with the same massage.

What I dont understand is how they even got my new in-laws phone number. The debt I had was with my ex husband and we have been divorced now for 6 1/2 years and we filed bankrupcy about 8-10yrs ago. So what ever it is was included in our bankrutcy. I just recently gotten married a 1 1/2 ago I havent changed my last name yet. My husband and I do not share credit cards or bank accounts. My name is not attached to his yet other than our lease. We gotten married over seas so the courts in the US do not see us as married. I know I checked. My new in laws live 5 states away from us so how did they get their info and can they even call them? These people need to stop calling people just to call them.

Timewarner cable survey

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A very softspoken man, could hardly make out his name. Number was 855-576-4357. I believe he was calling from a debt collector company.

They called me harrasing me and threatening me I am pricessing a complaint with my States attorney and FTCP
Jeri Peterson:

I am not sure who they are but they are calling my job everyday getting me in trouble with supervisor. We are not allowed to have personal calls at work.

Left no message...

They claim to work for The Week and ask for updated credit card info. They have my address and know my order, but are NOT authorized by The Week to collect payment info. They've called me twice, 6 months apart. I followed up each time with a call to the published number at The Week, printed in their magazine and on their website. Do not give payment info to this caller.

This caller is reported to be Comcast.

I saw this ad for a medical claims position and called this toll free number. On the recording, it stated it was for a position working at home working on medical claims, paying $5-$8, depending on the length of the claim. It also stated that I would have to purchase their program for $199. I left my name and number and a man by the name of John Templeton called me back from a phone number of 475-201-9014. We talked for a little while and I asked several questions. I did some research on line (via the name provided) and everything seemed legit. I was in desperate need of a job and sent the $199 to an address in California. I received a disc and a piece of paper stating what I was suppose to do. First off, the "directions" make no sense whatsoever. There is a phone number provided for "technical help" and to ask for a person by the name of Mike Kramer. The number provided is the same toll free number that was in the newspaper! On the instructional piece of paper provided to me, it states I am to start these medical claims no later than a specific date. Well, that date is near and I have called several times a day and still no call back. THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM and I can't believe I fell for it! I'm much smarter than that but due to the fact I was (and still am) in desperate need of a job, I thought I would give them/him the benefit of the doubt. I was totally wrong! Please don't fall for this scam like I did.
David Earle:

Says he represents the New Jersey State Law Enforcement Association. I asked who is the President of that association and he had no info. I asked who does it help and who do they represent. He said it was a children's fund and represents Federal, State, County and Municipal Officers.
P Ho:

Some re-buyer of long forgotten credit defaults hoping people are stupid enough to pay someone they don't actually owe money just to make them go away. Mac Credit

This the National Bone Marrow Registry and not SPAM.

left mssge on voicemail saying they are from Police Association & left extension number of 624

card mailing saying that we definately won one of the following, a new ipad, a new kindle, or a new android tablet. nothing is free. no return address just a phone number and a code to claim your packate.

probably a debt collector

The ad posted is coast to coast in all papers/classifieds at this current moment. The ad states the company has a clerical position available paying $15.00 for a busy local doctor’s office. The contact number is 8552241270. The man that I spoke with was named John Templeton and he stated he was based out of Hartford, Connecticut. The company called Providence Home Medical. This company is for software SUPPOSEDLY to be used for remote billing and coding to be purchased for $199.00 then you the employee would be paid $5.00-$8.00 depending on the length of the claim. I had Googled this number ending in 1270 and came up with a few bad reviews. When I spoke Mr. Templeton for the second time, I asked about the software used and what the technical support number, which he gave me as 8553576311. As I had Mr. Templeton (he called me back from 4752019014) on the phone I also looked that number up and no software company or any company for that matter was associated with the number ending in 6311. After stating I had read some bad reviews and he HUNG up on me. SCAM!!!