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This is a School Messenger system for public schools to notify you of closings, etc.

I received a call on 2/12/2013 stating I had an outstanding balance I owed the post office for a $72 check I had written. I informed the person I don't write checks and asked what bank the check was written off of. They stated they didn't have that information, just the routing number. I told them I dispute this claim and to submit validation proving this is me and my check. They said they'd mail a copy of the information they have.

I can only imagine this is some type of scam as I don't write checks (nor do I think the post office accepts check anymore).

2 names natalie nale and chris masterson, complete bs. Want e to pay a debt to a company or get served at my job... brig it! Ill introduce u to my legal department and my police clientelle.

We have received 143 calls from 5 different numbers from a DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDER DEBT COLLECTOR named VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. They have Pre-Recorded messages looking for a Josh Mullens. There is no Josh Mullens at this number and NEVER HAS BEEN. This is a Cell phone number that we have had for only a short time, so this must have been the previous owner of this number.
These DIRT BAGS first started calling with the 866-598-2788, which we traced back to them. Calls from this number started on 9-5-12 to 9-27-12, then stopped. In that time frame we received 40 calls that we have recorded as to the day and time. In that time we had a call from 941-803-3003 on 9-17-12, which we also traced back to them.
Starting on 11-15-12 we started to get calls from from 3 different numbers in our area code. All numbers were 865-622-XXXX. No messages were ever left. If you called those numbers back, it tells you that the number cannot be completed as dialed. We could not trace these numbers online to anyplace, so we finally picked up some of the calls and listened to the Pre-Recorded message looking for a Josh Mullens. They stated that you could punch the #1 and get a message, but all that did is go into a call center that played horrible music and no one ever answered it. They also gave you another number to call. This number was 855-514-3074, which is their REAL NUMBER. We dialed that number and got someone that came on the line who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. This person did say that it was the DIRT BAG BOTTEM FEEDER…VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. We then hung up without saying anything, because all that we wanted to know is who for sure they were. We have received 33 CALLS from the 865-622-8159 starting 11-15-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8294 starting 11-16-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8288 starting 11-17-12. Calls from these 3 numbers keep coming daily. No messages are ever left. All of these calls are recorded as to day and time.
There may be another number tied these DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDERS, but do not know for sure. That number is 865-243-6851. We have received 8 calls from them starting 11-13-12. It appears to be a cell phone number. I dialed it back the last time, and got someone that also answered who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. They did not identify themselves. I dialed it back today 2-12-13, and was told that the number was temporarily out of service. All of these calls are recorded as

called to say i am person of interest
Greg Seavers:

Received a similar call earlier today at parents home and a sibblings home... Funny is that I have not resided at either homes in over 10yrs..
Left a case# PDL 58###

So stupid...

Name they used was Lacy S.

I usually get messages every so often..


I received a call to day at about 12:00pm today saying I had charges against me and wont me to contact them or they was gonna place a warrent against on me and come to my job to arrest me if i didnt contact them. Ihave never had any dealing with any illegal activity so I dont know why I have got this call. SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Debit card charged for $8.78? Did not even talk to anyone. This was the number listed.

Wow, what rude people. They asked for the owner of my company, I said what is this regarding? She said we are an attorney and private investigators office. I again asked what the call was regarding. She said she just told me. I said no, you told me what your company is, not what this call is regarding. She started to mouth off so I hung up. What is wrong with people in the world today?

These are scum-sucking bottom feeders who have bought a loan and are desperately fishing for a victim to fall for their bs and pay them to go away. They do not know who they are calling and are just trying to find the moron whose loan they got for pennies on the dollar. Report them to the FCC's Do Not Call complaint page. https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2

this number has been saying i have a warrant.

Left no message on the answering machine.

855-207-5444 now belongs to vtechelp which supposely offers help to fix you problem.
If you search the internet for customer support for name brand routers, their number pops up and misled you to think that they are legit tech support.
I happen to speak to 2 of their reps regarding the router I had, not knowing they are not factory tech support at first.
To give you the executive summary, the people on the other end know absolutely nothing except telling you that your system is infected and urge you to allow them to remotely connect to you computer to 'fix' the problem for a fee. Who knows what they would do to your system if you let them in. I strongly suspect this is a scam operation.

Wonder why the call was made when they did not leave a message. I consider it a nuisance


Total Clerical Services. 315 College Farm Rd. Waltham, MA 02451. Toll Free: 855-827-4473. 855-TCS-WORK. Telephone: 857-300-4115. Fax: 855-827-9675
This is an employment agency, but many jobs are in Massachusetts. I guess it is a fairly new employment agency, so jobs in other states are few. If you have posted your resume online, they may have found you and are calling you to see if you are looking for employment. Hope this helps.

Debt collector. They will worry you n hell they were calling for the person who had this number before me.

This guy named Mr. Burk called and gave me a case # and a file #. This is bogus. They are a debt collector trying to use SCARE TATICS to collect money. Don't give them any information and if they call you, tell them to f--- off. These guys are animals. Don't fall for it.
***They will not come to your home and they will not go to your work. Don't call them back, correct their information on you, don't give them money, don't even speak to them.... tell them to F--- off like Harold said above and hang up! What a sorry world this is turning into.

Its Cruise aboat a canadian cruise dealer

Called about "The trade show in Vegas your company is attending in June" and wanted to speak to the person in charge of that. Yeah...we're not going to any trade show/convention.

Calls 3 or 4 timea a day

Employment verification company

Annoying unknown call

This number has called me 4 different times within the past 30 minutes!! Don't know who it is, but help finding out would be nice because its getting old fast!!
Just me:

Shaw Cable collection department

This was a scam call asking for an owner or manager; he does not even know what the company does. He makes it sound like he is with the Federal Government for labor law compliance records update. At least if these idiots call they should sound like a government employee and be professional. They sound like a scam and they are a scam. Don't allow them to bully you into disclosing any information as they are just trying to sell something of no value. Their website is not even an active website. Tell them to go get a real job.

My boyfriend's brother who lives in Sacramento told my boyfriend that this number had called and asked for him, saying the same - they're some check cashing company and that they were gonna have a warrant out for my BF and they were gonna take it to the DA. Sorry, but I don't think the DA of anywhere deals with collections cases. My BF hasn't ever used any payday loan places anyway. One more creepy thing, my BF's brother said they had HIS social security number, he didn't mention whether or not they had my BF's SSN. Kinda creepy - since they're scammers I'd be very nervous about them having my SSN. The chick who called said her name was Lisa Scott extension 302, if that helps anyone. 855 342 9735 ext 302 lisa scott

Called but left no message

855-638-7579& 855-701-6943 &877-373-6192& 888-224-6462
all show 800 Service. If you block one, they keep coming back with another #, but same Caller ID.

Tried to apply for a job ad which was clearly unorthodox uploaded my resume and everything. They said to complete the application I needed to call this number. I can't believe I actually called after seeing that it was an unusual job application and turns out its just a college sale scam!
jim gates:

Techopanda tech support number.
Tired of Calls:

Didn't answer. They did not leave a message. Therefore, it ouldn't be very important.

Got a call, let it go into vm, no message left.
Former Citizens Customer:

The phone number is a harassment tactic by a debt collection agency called Conversion Outsourcing.
They called me over a week ago about a bogus "debt" from Citizens Bank. I informed them that it was a mistake and that I had closed that account not owing anything, having already made deposits that covered any and all charges before account closure, and that the bank should not have charged me.

Conversion Outsourcing calls from 855-849-1984 and only lets it ring once and hangs up, or if you pick up there is dead air. They do this once per day, sometimes twice, for the purpose of harassing the supposed "debtor" and enticing them to call back.

If you call back, it can be used to confirm your identity for the purpose of debt collection. Best course of action is to ignore the calls and do not call back.

It's a really creepy, underhanded ploy that utilizes purposeful harassment of the supposed "debtor" to try to skirt anti-harassment debt collection law.

Pretended to be a company called HW Associates and they were investigating a complaint of child abuse against me and I needed to call them immediately.

Turned out they were a bill collector.

Verizon Phone Company

Lowe's technical support for their IRIS system.