Larry said:

this is a very persistent caller, they don't quit


Clarise said:

The same is happening here on my home phone. They never leave a message on the answering machine


Lar said:

What does this company sell. Are they with obamacare or something like that and want something besides information


Emily said:

They call my cell phone, but never leave messages. I don't answer calls from numbers I do not know


Mindy said:

they keep calling and don't leave messages since I won't pick up and don't know the number. I am on Do Not Call list but it doesn't work too well does it?


Anonymous said:

I've received a call from this number every day for the past 3 days. As a rule I'm leery of unknown and out of state numbers, so I usually don't answer. They never leave a message which suggests to me the intent to keep their identity and purpose unknown. After the 3rd day of receiving these unsolicited calls I sent a text requesting they stop calling and thanking them in advance for respecting that request.


X said:

I receive calls from this number everyday. On my landline, so the only thing to do now is change my number. I had it for years anyway it's time for a change.


Jeri said:

They call me every day as well and I have never given out this new home phone number , I will not answer it. never a message. I am sick of it and they do not stop
wish there was something we could do .


Venus said:

They call my phone everyday at least three times a day. I dont owe anyone money so I'm not sure what they want. I just blocked them on my cell and I'm keeping a record of all the calls. i'm talking to my attorney about getting them for harrassment. No message, just calls day in day out. Bunch of nut jobs. Get a LIFE...PLEASE

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