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This Number is a land line number calling from San Diego, California

Who Called Me From 858-427-1389?


I got a call from them, said they were in San Diego. He said wanted to sell me some pens and that it would be perfect for my business and customers. I asked him what my business was and he said he didn't know and I should call the psychic hotline to find out what my business does. I asked how he knew pens would be good for my company and he said he didn't say that and "I should take the you know what out of my ears" then he hung up.


They call numerous times a day and hang up


No idea, may be related to employment screen


Tells me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on a day that's not even my birthday. Then hang up! I tried to call back its busy.


Said he had an over abudundance of pens and could give the to me real cheap. Ask if it was something I might be interested in. Calling his bluff, I responded with "sure" by inwasnjust on my way out and could he tell me what he'd had. Oh boy, he all of a sudden had to get off the phone and hung up. What a coward.
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