Who is calling or texting from 860-436-2220?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Manchester, Connecticut

Who Called Me From 860-436-2220?

Joe Nadeau-KB1DGG

Female caller left a message says she is from the law ofices of London & London.

For what, I really don't know.

Possible telemarketer scam

Stay tuned for more!!


London & London is a debt collector. Among others, they do a lot of work on behalf of Capital One.


Legit law firm doing debt collections. They repeatedly call my cell looking for my ex (from 20 yrs ago) they've always been polite and professional with me. I got tired of repeating myself and telling them that i do NOT know where my ex-husband is, so now i just put them on my "block list".
I love this totally legit app: MR. NUMBER. I use it to block all unwanted calls/texts. Aside from being totally user-friendly, it is also FREE :-)


London and London is a lawfirm in Connecticut that handles collections matters, capital one is a large client. they are relatively easy to work with and very polite. not like some debt collectors.
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