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This Number is a land line number calling from Greer, South Carolina

Who Called Me From 864-977-1479?


I received a text inquiry about a puppy I have for sale. The message was not a typical puppy inquiry. I called the number and got a voice message to simply leave my number. I'm suspecting a scam.
I also received a text inquiry about a puppy that was not typical and felt like it might be a scam. Glad I saw your comment.
1 year ago
Me too! Same thing!
1 year ago


I received a text asking for updated picture of my pup. I sent it to fabianrhodes379@gmail.com

After sending the pics, he said, he was on vacation and wanted to send a shipper to pick up the pup along with a certified check. Lol.
I replied that I would wait till he got back from vacation. He responded with " But I'm all the in Chesire,CT"

I Offered to drive half way and I only wanted cash... he has not responded. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Deborah Sanders Hedge:
5 months ago


Same thing! Thank you guys, itโ€™s a scam!


Text in middle of night. Wondered if pup was available. I text back yes. Just texted back at work can you send pics. Name:. Fabianrhodes379@gmail.com

Thanks for the heads up!


Same thing.fabianrhodes@gmail.com Ridiculous grammar. "Hi, glad to read from you"


They found my ad on puppyfind. They text me at 1:36 AM. No response to my text. Glad I found this.



New number. Texted about my puppy ad. Wanted pics too at


Same thing here.
He just contacted me. Wants pictures. Illogical sentence structure. "glad to read from you" phone number now is 505-871-0315. I've got puppies and I've got a room to rent and all I get are scammers
4 months ago


Same thing here, same email but a Washington DC phone number. Didn't fall for it.
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