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This Number is calling from Kingston, Tennessee

Who Called Me From 865-248-6166?


Received a message from number telling me they are the gift dept from mall who sponsored a drawing and i won. I did enter a drawing at the mall. Never have before so not sure if scam or not will sure i will find out in next 24 hours.
What did you find out?
4 years ago
I just got the same call....wonder if it's a scam. I'll find out tomorrow.
3 years ago
Just got this call, curious to find out what it is. I saw a Bluegreen logo on the back of the submission, so I am halfway expecting them to try to get me to stay at one of their resorts and attend the sales gimmick. Hopefully not.
2 years ago


Got the same call. Said he was michael calling about a drawing i entered at the mall. Ran it through one of our programs at work (law office) found that its a marketing firm trying to sell you a time share
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