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Who Called Me From 866-214-2010?


This is Ally Financial. They will call on a regular basis, either they will leave a message or they will just leave dead air on your answering machine. If you owe them 1 cent they will continue to hound you. I have hit hard times, have lost a 2nd income, and have a disabled husband (who can rarely answer the phone) I had made arrangement to pay, explained my situation and even told them to come and get the stinking car. They don't care, I think these people enjoy calling like it's a game. Came home once, my hubby bedridden and they had called every hour and on the hour, one message you could hear the guy laugh as he hung up. Do they think I really want to ruin my credit and not pay? I leave my phone ringer off so it won't disturb my husband and pay as much as I can, but they keep adding extra charges and keep calling. Think twice about financing with them and beware when that number comes up.
We have hit some financial trouble as well. He owns his own landscaping business and winters are tough for us so he works full time all year round to help make up for it. I have lost my daughter to cancer a few years ago and it never gets easier. I think I have caught up but then someonelse wants money from us for fees. I feel your pain and we will prevail in the longrun.
6 years ago


I have payments set up on the internet to come out to catch up on our payments and they continue to call me every 30 to 60 minutes every day. I can only pay what I have and they want more. He works two full time jobs and I work one full and one part-time job. He has some credit cards we are trying to pay off and hopefully in the next two years we will be debt free and this will end. They don't care what it takes they are just bullies and I am frusterated that it is hurting my credit as well.
O Boo Hoo!
4 years ago


We don't owe anyone other than our car and house payments. We are not late. This guy calls and asks for my husband. Cannot understand anything else he is saying, except for my husbands name.


this number called me 38 times between 8/13/13 and 8/24/13 and they know im in the same business idiots enjoy your harassment suit I live in ny state anything over 2 calls per week is considered illegal


They never called me about being late on my last payment. Instead I get a call from a neighbor saying they called them and are trying to get ahold of me. I don't even know this neighbor well. Is that even legal?
I was told one time when I got into it with them that they could call whomever they wanted too. And they gave me a list relatives, neighbors and etc. Like you signed for my son they are on hard times and so are we!!! Anyway I just ignored it all so they are wasting their time and engery. Have rings off of phone at home and don't answer cell if i don't know this number and never even listen to vmail just deleted!!!!!
4 years ago


They keep calling for a former employee, having been told many times that he no longer works here! Too stupid to enter the new info apparently.


I called and told them our financial situation has changed if they would help us. One said yes if I caught my note up. Caught my note up called back and they refused to help us. So I told them when I get the money they will get their money. I am tired off people harassing me for the money that they keep refusing to help us on.


Have put in several payments on the internet to pay Ally Financial. No good; they still call three times a day. I haven't had a raise or cost of living raise in 5 years plus furloughed a couple of time. The brakes went out and I had to take one month car payment to get them fix. Haven't caught up. They harass me every month for being behind one month. I am going to pay them off as soon as I can.
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