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Who Called Me From 866-249-1556?


This is a scam. I got a call from this number when a person, not an automated machine, specifically requested me by name. They repeated CVS pharmacy about 5 times. I immediately knew it was a scam because there is not a single CVS pharmacy near where I live and I've never had anything sent there. They said the line was being recorded for security purposes and they needed to verify my phone number, name, and date of birth. To prove this was a scam, I explained that they already had my phone number (they called me) and my name (they asked specifically for me). When I asked for the "representative's" name again, the person hung up the line. I have received multiple missed calls from them since. A pharmacy should not disclose any information over the phone anyway. No real pharmacy does this. This is called phishing. Do yourselves a favor and do not answer any questions. These spammers are only trying to trick you into revealing sensitive and private information. Don't fall for it! If you think it might be a real call, end the call and call YOUR specific pharmacy.
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