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jimmie lee campbell sr.

would like emergency housing and ,stamps two help my self here in Memphis tn.38106. I was in prision year 2006 /2008 I heldenployment 2008/2016 since then I'm homeless here in Memphis tn. my mom is deseased ,my brother, three sisters here in don't choose two be around them ,uncles in oni have I'm homeless anyway woud like some help here on mepphis tn .I'm going two stamp office before wek out these people here. I believe have some ellegal aliens walking this working in places and some of the prisioners ex,prisioners I mean have been helping them they have tore down buildings here building new ones here other than me at food stamp office , sleeping aon street no phone ?414/41/0363 11/18/1972 black male 5'11 210lbs.blackshoes,brownjacket blackshirt,white socks white underwear ,grey sweateron .I have raped several times buildings on poplar several buildings in parks in federal buildings they did operation at age 16 scar right side body
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