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Who Called Me From 866-350-7907?

Orpha Stiffler

They are trying to tell me that I owe $21,250.00 but they will help me settle for $12,325. I haven't and never have had a debt of any kind in my life. If I didn't have the money, I didn't buy.


They called and sent mail asking me to pay money. No idea who they are


they send me letters regarding a settlement, seems like a scam


This is Nationwide Debt Direct, LLC which has a BBB Rating of F with 78 complaints filed along with law suites for operating in some states without a permit.


Received letter in mail from nationwide debt reduction cervices -phone number they requested to call - 866-350-7907. Definitely a scam as we never had any credit card debts, especially in amount of 15000 , that they mentioned.


Scam. Received a letter and I don't owe any of those amounts.
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