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Who Called Me From 866-611-8470?

Shawn Snelson

Probable scammer took 50 bucks off my credit card. Still trying to get more information

B. Dee

Stole 50.00 from my bank account phone listed as 866-611-8469 listed as IEPTCS.com. still trying to get my money!


my bank acct shows a charge for $49.95 on 6/23/14 - I'm calling my bank now.


I'll have to file a dispute with my bank to get my $ back. I did some more research and this phone #866-611-8469 goes to a porn site at
http://www.cuntcartel.com/faq/ (and I have nothing to do with porn)


I also just left a Complaint with the BBB.org concerning this charge of $49.95 from 866-611-8469 IEPTCS.com


Just called my bank to report a dispute. Charge of $49.95 plus 1.49 in foreign exhange fee. Has to do with diet pills, green coffee beans, etc. Number was 866-611-8469


I got the number off the website. Called. They said they would cancel. Still posted to my account. Website no longer up. Phone number no longer working. Had to call bank.


Ditto - $49.95 taken out of my bank account using my ATM card number. IEPTCS.com. Obvious fraud. Had international transaction fee of 40 cents


Definitely fraud. My credit card was charged although I have it in my possession. They never called me. I have never spoken to them nor heard of this company. IEPTCS.com


FRAUD. Credit card charged $49.95. Website ieptcs.com doesn't exist. Called CC company and they removed the charge.
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