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Who Called Me From 866-698-4853?


This phone number: (866) 698-4853 belongs to IAA, Inc. (Insurance Auto Auctions). They will buy your car, whether or not it is running, then will auction it off. If, for some reason, there are issues with the title on your car, they will hunt down the solution to the problem so that the car will be able to be sold. I sold my car to them in April, and received a check upon their picking up my car. They are not a member of Better Business Bureau, but BBB does have them listed without any report.


IAA, Inc called from this number impersonating another Insurance company. BEWARE! They are trying to scam you for your information/title of your car.


The are a title procurement company that work with titles on cars that were totaled in accidents. They work with many ins companies. I'm dealing with them now.
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