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Who Called Me From 866-717-5499?



Karen Spencer

Before you sign the contract, make sure the equipment works, because all the equipment that was shipped, did not. Even after calling customers service, sales department, installation department, no return calls for help. As far as I will testify, this is a scam and don't even try it.

Karla hawk

This company insist that a married woman who owns a business but filed a joint return with her husband MUST issue the 1099K in the husbands name BECAUSE, There is an old archaic law within the IRS that states this . I have called every department within the IRS spent hours on the phone and no one has ever heard of this law!!! when they file under your spouses name instead of your own as a sole proprietor , it can mess up everything and if you don’t catch it it messes with your spouses Social Security . I am getting ready to make my fourth phone call to them because I have faxed them papers twice to change the reporting information, ( I called to make sure that they got the papers and they did ) to my name and my question is where did they even get his information I never gave it to them !!!!!
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