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Who Called Me From 866-882-4951?

Thomas Kelly

Very Rued, Want bank info, etc. If you asked them for ID they get mad. Heavy accents!!!


Scam Scam Scam


Received a voicemail from this phone number today claiming they are from American Express and they needed to talk to us about our account. They even gave us a reference number for when we called back. The call came from India (so it sounded). When I called back, their office was closed and the person's voice on the recording was the same voice as the man who left us a message, so I became suspicious and called American Express. They informed me that the call did not come from them. They now have this phone number and are aware that it could be fraud and will be reporting it.
Our business got this same call!
3 years ago
Just got this call as well. When I started to inquire as to what they needed to do and why, they get upset with me and couldn't explain clearly. Credit card companies don't typically call to "verify" information, stating that if you don't then you will no longer be able to accept Amex. SCAM.
3 years ago


They wanted our Bank account number! I said why would anyone give their checking account number over the phone!. and why would American Express Ask for that personal information????


I work at Carvel and it called me and I wasn't suspicious of it until they asked for my whole name.


They just left a message and email me asking for my company information!!! so they have your email and phone number!


hmmm...this is going to be fun... :) ...Doesn't look like AmEx is all that worried that someone is taking a dump on their company name. They've been aware for three yrs and a company as big as AmEx hasn't shut these guys down??? I say again...this is going to be fun.
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