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Who Called Me From 866-908-1766?


I don’t know why their calling me


Text, says," Recently you had services with RADIOLOGY ADVANTAGE NEW JERSEY PA". Sending a text instead a statement to inform there is a balance. This seems to be a SCAM. If real it would be mail to your home address


Ignore if possible block it! Be Safe!




My daughter just got this also. Look at the address. New Jersey PA........ she responded before I could stop her. And she typed in her last four of her social and an 800 bill appeared with her name on it. This is a total scam... Do not respond.


Same thing here. Got text only with this number to call. Have no idea who they are. Not bothering to reply to "stop" to receive paper statement, no reason to reply.


I just had the same thing happen except it was a voicemail recording stating that I could pay an outstanding balance by visiting them online or calling a number. I couldn’t understand the website to investigate. The voicemail was from a computer… Not a person!


Tried to look up the web site. None to be found.Then typed the number and found this site.
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