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Who Called Me From 866-978-5847?




Claim to be from IRS and that their agents are on the way to take me to jail alomg with all of my assents. I heard about this from my city concil meeting. Please remember is the IRS or Police are coming to take your stuff they will not call first.


866-978-5847 Claim to be from IRS and that their agents are on the way to take me to jail alomg with all of my assents. SCAM Left message on my machine.


Yesterday, Thurs, Nov. 13, 2014, I had two voice mails on my home phone. They claimed they were from the IRS and if I didn't pay them the money I owed them, they would put a lien on my property. I called this phone number (not from my personal phone). A recorded message answered IRS. A man (with an accent) answered and wanted my phone number. I wouldn't give it. He said, "well I need your phone number, I cannot recognize you by your voice". I said I won't give it and he said, "okay, good bye". I said, "good bye". Now if he was really from the IRS, he would have persued for my information.


Ben Johnson Called today left a messages they said were from the IRS they going to garnish my wages.I called back when I got home, asked them what this was about they hung up on me.


These people called, and threatened me with property seizure, and arrest. I had never heard anything so realistic, or scary in my like. This person gave me an "employee number," and a name. I sent these people just north of $3000.00 dollars, then they wanted more, as some form of "bond." I believe this is/was a scam, and I am devastated. Trying to work it out with the authorities, but hopes are slim. The card that they wanted was a GreendotMoneypak. BEWARE!

Bill E California

SCAM!! Was home when the answering machine picked up and the "IRS" threatened to seize our accounts and property for taxes. i know damn well all my taxes are current. So I grabbed the phone to get an accented man who called me "James"...My name is Bill...I called him on it and he said "I will tell you what I called for before you speak" I said, "You're the one who called me James, that's not my name you may have called the wrong number..." He hung up right then...SCAM!!


I received two voicemails similar to the one's above, they said that tomorrow an agent would come to my door. They did not leave my name but "someone with your name" in both messages. 73363


I received a call on November 19th from this number and I spoke with a Raymond Scott he was so convincing. He was an irs agent badge number 079421 told me I owed back taxes over 3000 dollars. He was so convincing that I was thinking what is going on I gave an accountant do my taxes. He became loud and abusive over the phone he told me that I can make this all go away if I paid the amount now. Then I knew it was a scam these people are so convincing. I knew I didn't owe taxes but then I thought maybe the accountants messed up. He told me go to my bank and I'll stay on the phone and the I'll tell you what you need to do next. I then proceeded to tell him to ×÷==%%_€ off! SCAM DONT EVEN LISTEN TO THERE STICK PEOPLE. I want to know why aren't the authorities stopping g them!


Got a voice mail today, 11/20, message same as above other reports. I owe no back taxes and from all the scam calls I got last year and earlier this year, I knew to look on this site. Said that an irs agent will be at our home to take our assets and bank accounts....the joke is on them. I have nothing of any material worth and I hope they do show up as our local police will be waiting for them. I have reported so many calls from these scammers, I think the govt. needs to get a hold on this and prosecute to the full extent of the law.


8669785847 Is a scam without a doubt I checked with the local IRS Office and they said this is not from them and to warn others not to fall for this.


recieved call from 8669785847 said i owe $4000.00 in taxes. Its a scam


I had a similar experience to those listed here. Received a phone call from a man who identified himself as Nash Taylor, badge #05882. Stated he was in charge of an IRS audit that showed I now owed 3599.00 and he would give me instructions on how to pay this immediately otherwise I would be taken into custody by the local authorities. He was very detailed and convincing. He provided various law codes and read me a list of 4 counts against me. Stated I needed to stay on the line with him while I went to the bank to withdraw the cash and then he would tell me where to go to pay it. There, they would give me a receipt verifying it was paid directly to the IRS. He said it was all confidential. I told him I needed to verify this and he agreed to calm me back in 15 minutes. I called the sheriff's dept instead. HOAX!!!
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