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Who Called Me From 866-992-7379?

MD tree service

Said his name was Ryan....Official sounding, "I need you to call me about State and Federal Safety Training Service requirements." This is the second call I have received. B.S. phonecall that makes you think you are not in compliance
with some sort of government safety regulation, such as OSHA.
After all of these complaints I have read above, is there anyone that can STOP these harassing telemarketers?
I read above, they have gone so far as to mail their materials to the companies, causing the small businessman/woman
to go through the effort of returning the materials.

Clean Sweep

Guy named Charlie Brown. Maybe that's his real name, but "Charlie Brown" called and was very rude. Talking some non compliance, OSHA, government stuff. My co-worker hung up on him he was being so rude.
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