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Calls constantly and no one ever comes on the line. I hold the phone until I get the skreeching noise then hang up. I am on do not call - stop calling as I will be reporting your calls and I have no debts - I pay my bills!

Called from this number trying to get a reference and verify employment from someone we have never heard of. Some company called FMS

A company calling themselves a Travel Agency, but it sounds like a timeshare including a 90 minute presentation.
John T:

Not very happy that they sued me without even talking to me. But they did give me a decent payment plan, so all in all, not bad.

This company is a scam. Those letters are essentially illegal. The docket number is a forgery and more than likely doesn't correspond to a docket number used in your state, or the United States. Robert Weinberg is not a registered attorney in Illinois. He most likely doesn't exist. P.N. Financial used to sign their letters John Sullivan, who also isn't a registered Attorney in Illinois. The actual owner of this company is Nelson Macwan, convicted drug dealer and Medicaid con-man from New York.

And I can almost guarantee you P.N. Financial has not obtained a judgment against you.

1.) Do not give them a dime. Do not give them your bank account info. Do not give them any personal info.

2.) Send them a debt validation letter (you can find samples all over the internet) and a cease and desist letter.

3.) Complain in writing to the Attorney General of Illinois, the Attorney general of your own state, and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

In my case, they only responded to the Attorney General complaints and, in essence, dropped their attempt to collect a debt I didn't owe. I'd expect likewise in your case.

I think this is Capital One
they got my number:

calling to harass for money

A Sweep Above Maintenance wanting to inspect and clean my chimney and heating system.

Called at 8:40 AM PST, did not answer call. Did not leave msg.

This is a Robot Appointment call reminding you of an appointment with a
dr. visit.

Dialed number and was sent a a text say I could join a locater service to Identify the number for 9.99 a month. Appeared as if by calling the number I signed up? I canceled immediately. STOP!

I didn't answer when they called yesterday, but they left a message early this AM. I called back & it was about 3 charges to my Visa about 2,000 miles away! They said they'd put a block on my card. I called my bank to verify, which they did. Now I have to go to where I got my Visa, get a new card & fill out a fraud form.
I'd suggest you answer if they call.

They called the owner of my company and told him that I owed them money and that if he didn't have me call them back, they would sue him.

They called again and I got the call and they told me that they would sue me for the next 10 years for the $4,445.00 that I suppose to owe them but they would settle for $500.

Debt Collectors so called "investigators"

Sorry for the typo. My correct email address to contact me about Yaron KImelman is Liam2113@yahoo.com

Yaron Kimelman's other (2) scam debt relief companies that I know about are Accredited Debt Relief ( 866-303-9494) and Care One Credit (888-609-6931). He and his brothers are involved in phone scams, educational scams, medical scams, debt relief scams, loan modification scams, etc etc etc.n PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO BEWARE.

If anyone wants to help stop these Kimelman thieves, you can email me at Liam2013@yahoo.com for more information

Yaron Kimelman of Lincolnwood Illinoisowns these numbers 866-728-0842 (0843). It is one of his scam debt relief companies. This scam one is called Eagle One. BEWARE. He and his brothers, Eitan KImelman and Abraham Kimelman) prank us and scam us and they have no shame.

I can say this information is 100 % accurate as I have done the research.

I saw this number come up on my phone and did not answer. I will not answer calls that are unidentified on my caller id. In my opinion, if you have my number and want to speak to someone in my home, you should not hide your identity when calling.

This number has rang into my office 4 times this morning. Never anyone on the other line.

We have received 143 calls from 5 different numbers from a DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDER DEBT COLLECTOR named VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. They have Pre-Recorded messages looking for a Josh Mullens. There is no Josh Mullens at this number and NEVER HAS BEEN. This is a Cell phone number that we have had for only a short time, so this must have been the previous owner of this number.
These DIRT BAGS first started calling with the 866-598-2788, which we traced back to them. Calls from this number started on 9-5-12 to 9-27-12, then stopped. In that time frame we received 40 calls that we have recorded as to the day and time. In that time we had a call from 941-803-3003 on 9-17-12, which we also traced back to them.
Starting on 11-15-12 we started to get calls from from 3 different numbers in our area code. All numbers were 865-622-XXXX. No messages were ever left. If you called those numbers back, it tells you that the number cannot be completed as dialed. We could not trace these numbers online to anyplace, so we finally picked up some of the calls and listened to the Pre-Recorded message looking for a Josh Mullens. They stated that you could punch the #1 and get a message, but all that did is go into a call center that played horrible music and no one ever answered it. They also gave you another number to call. This number was 855-514-3074, which is their REAL NUMBER. We dialed that number and got someone that came on the line who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. This person did say that it was the DIRT BAG BOTTEM FEEDER…VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. We then hung up without saying anything, because all that we wanted to know is who for sure they were. We have received 33 CALLS from the 865-622-8159 starting 11-15-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8294 starting 11-16-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8288 starting 11-17-12. Calls from these 3 numbers keep coming daily. No messages are ever left. All of these calls are recorded as to day and time.
There may be another number tied these DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDERS, but do not know for sure. That number is 865-243-6851. We have received 8 calls from them starting 11-13-12. It appears to be a cell phone number. I dialed it back the last time, and got someone that also answered who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. They did not identify themselves. I dialed it back today 2-12-13, and was told that the number was temporarily out of service. All of these calls are recorded as

calling my work # not allowed
patricia stephend:

Calls several times a day. Gives a recording if I want to speak to an agent press 1. Then says office closed.

I found out who it is but after emailing faxing back and calling they still will not quit. All day every day. This is my company cell. I'm losing work. And my mind!!!!!!!!!
San Diego ca. Please help.

This is a toll free telephone number used by Connect Pro
which is a problem solver for Pc and electronics.

getting info's such as email and contact person... said would like a conference call. hmm with who? they don't know the person they are looking for!

Same here... Keep calling my husband's cell and saying :"If you want a keep your debit card, enter account number now"... We don't even know who/what they are.

They called on 2/4/13 and left no message. Called again on 2/5/13. This time, after a LONG pause, the caller asked for my housemate by name. I told her (the caller) that he was out at the moment, and could I take a message. Again a very LONG pause, so I hung up. Afterward, I called the number. It appeared to be Applied General Agency in Anaheim, Ca. However, when I went to that web site, the 866 number was not one of the phone numbers listed for contacting them.

They claim to be calling from Chase Fraud Dept and want to verify your personal information. Don't give them any information. It's a scam. I called the phone number on the back of my Chase crecit card and they confirmed that Chase doesn't have 866 numbers.


i receive a phone call from the same person stated that he had papers to serve me. I then asked the caller Tom what is this about,"he stated that he could not tell me unless he was infront of me to open up an document. He said he can come to my house or job . This is an scam i have call the local authories and pass on the number He left me an voice also with the number 1 866 831 0832. If you see this number do not answer

I received a voice message saying he is a state official trying to serve me papers and could not locate me. My phone blocked the call as it came from a restricted number, but he was still able to leave a voice mail. I looked online at my state's court website and found nothing filed under my name. He said his name was Tom Marley and has a Boston accent. He then left 1-866-831-0832 as the call back number. I called them back in fear, and then called the county. The county knew nothing of it. It is a collection agency using scare tactics from what I can tell.

"Chrystler Vehicle Recall" - I've never owned a Chrystler so I doubt if it was legitimate.
Debra Javie:

They are online scammer. Unted Cash Loan. Crazy Indian accent Byung-sin

supermedia collection call

need to know the company that was calling