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We have received 143 calls from 5 different numbers from a DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDER DEBT COLLECTOR named VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. They have Pre-Recorded messages looking for a Josh Mullens. There is no Josh Mullens at this number and NEVER HAS BEEN. This is a Cell phone number that we have had for only a short time, so this must have been the previous owner of this number.
These DIRT BAGS first started calling with the 866-598-2788, which we traced back to them. Calls from this number started on 9-5-12 to 9-27-12, then stopped. In that time frame we received 40 calls that we have recorded as to the day and time. In that time we had a call from 941-803-3003 on 9-17-12, which we also traced back to them.
Starting on 11-15-12 we started to get calls from from 3 different numbers in our area code. All numbers were 865-622-XXXX. No messages were ever left. If you called those numbers back, it tells you that the number cannot be completed as dialed. We could not trace these numbers online to anyplace, so we finally picked up some of the calls and listened to the Pre-Recorded message looking for a Josh Mullens. They stated that you could punch the #1 and get a message, but all that did is go into a call center that played horrible music and no one ever answered it. They also gave you another number to call. This number was 855-514-3074, which is their REAL NUMBER. We dialed that number and got someone that came on the line who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. This person did say that it was the DIRT BAG BOTTEM FEEDER…VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. We then hung up without saying anything, because all that we wanted to know is who for sure they were. We have received 33 CALLS from the 865-622-8159 starting 11-15-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8294 starting 11-16-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8288 starting 11-17-12. Calls from these 3 numbers keep coming daily. No messages are ever left. All of these calls are recorded as to day and time.
There may be another number tied these DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDERS, but do not know for sure. That number is 865-243-6851. We have received 8 calls from them starting 11-13-12. It appears to be a cell phone number. I dialed it back the last time, and got someone that also answered who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. They did not identify themselves. I dialed it back today 2-12-13, and was told that the number was temporarily out of service. All of these calls are recorded as

calling my work # not allowed
patricia stephend:

Calls several times a day. Gives a recording if I want to speak to an agent press 1. Then says office closed.

I found out who it is but after emailing faxing back and calling they still will not quit. All day every day. This is my company cell. I'm losing work. And my mind!!!!!!!!!
San Diego ca. Please help.

This is a toll free telephone number used by Connect Pro
which is a problem solver for Pc and electronics.

getting info's such as email and contact person... said would like a conference call. hmm with who? they don't know the person they are looking for!

Same here... Keep calling my husband's cell and saying :"If you want a keep your debit card, enter account number now"... We don't even know who/what they are.

They called on 2/4/13 and left no message. Called again on 2/5/13. This time, after a LONG pause, the caller asked for my housemate by name. I told her (the caller) that he was out at the moment, and could I take a message. Again a very LONG pause, so I hung up. Afterward, I called the number. It appeared to be Applied General Agency in Anaheim, Ca. However, when I went to that web site, the 866 number was not one of the phone numbers listed for contacting them.

They claim to be calling from Chase Fraud Dept and want to verify your personal information. Don't give them any information. It's a scam. I called the phone number on the back of my Chase crecit card and they confirmed that Chase doesn't have 866 numbers.


i receive a phone call from the same person stated that he had papers to serve me. I then asked the caller Tom what is this about,"he stated that he could not tell me unless he was infront of me to open up an document. He said he can come to my house or job . This is an scam i have call the local authories and pass on the number He left me an voice also with the number 1 866 831 0832. If you see this number do not answer

I received a voice message saying he is a state official trying to serve me papers and could not locate me. My phone blocked the call as it came from a restricted number, but he was still able to leave a voice mail. I looked online at my state's court website and found nothing filed under my name. He said his name was Tom Marley and has a Boston accent. He then left 1-866-831-0832 as the call back number. I called them back in fear, and then called the county. The county knew nothing of it. It is a collection agency using scare tactics from what I can tell.

"Chrystler Vehicle Recall" - I've never owned a Chrystler so I doubt if it was legitimate.
Debra Javie:

They are online scammer. Unted Cash Loan. Crazy Indian accent Byung-sin

supermedia collection call

need to know the company that was calling


Lucy Boryer:

A female returned my call and began using profanity while on a conversation with someone else. Extremely rude & unprofessional!

This is a collection agency

Educate yourself on the Fair Debt Collections Act. Each state has guidelines of what a debt collector can and can not do. According to fair debt collection laws, a debt collector cannot:
* Call you repeatedly * Call you at inconvenient times/places * Disclose information of your debts to third parties * Use profane/abusive language * Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further * Claim to be affiliated with any governmental organization * Misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt * Threaten to take any action that cannot be taken legally * Accuse you of having committed a crime * Threaten to communicate false credit information * Attempt to collect even before your request to validate is honored * Use deceptive methods to collect debts * Call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. * Call you, but not announce who he/she is * Attempt or threaten to collect a debt that is too old to enforce under state law * File any legal action and/or taking a judgment without properly serving the party being sued * Waiting years after an unlawful judgment has been secured to attempt further collection activities * Fail or refuse to identify itself as a debt collector * Speak to others (family, friends, and neighbors) about your debt * Demand unlawfully your social security number, credit or debit card, bank account or e-check authorization * Fail to send you written details about the debt within 5 days of the first call placed to you * Claim affiliation with the police, court or any other authority * Make any false promise to improve your credit score

Automated message claiming to represent Bank of Missouri saying that I needed to press "1" to talk to someone to unlock my account. I do not have, nor have I ever had an account with Bank of Missouri. I received this call at 2:54 AM Central Time (US). I believe this to be a scam call.

Called and hung up upon answering.
Sue Lindsey:

Added charges to my account without permission 33.00 i want my money back this was not authorize you have been reported to BBB and to my bank ..... I did not purchase your insurance in no way shape or form cancel this immediately Susan B LINDSEY

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This is Ally Financial. They will call on a regular basis, either they will leave a message or they will just leave dead air on your answering machine. If you owe them 1 cent they will continue to hound you. I have hit hard times, have lost a 2nd income, and have a disabled husband (who can rarely answer the phone) I had made arrangement to pay, explained my situation and even told them to come and get the stinking car. They don't care, I think these people enjoy calling like it's a game. Came home once, my hubby bedridden and they had called every hour and on the hour, one message you could hear the guy laugh as he hung up. Do they think I really want to ruin my credit and not pay? I leave my phone ringer off so it won't disturb my husband and pay as much as I can, but they keep adding extra charges and keep calling. Think twice about financing with them and beware when that number comes up.
Just me:

I was asleep and didn't recognize the number... Have no idea who it was...

Watch out for these scammers...they took $34.71 from my account and told me I was approved for a loan, and right afterwards the lady asked me did I want the loan. I told her no and that I want my money back for this so called aplication fee. The lady gave me a confirmation number that consisted of only 4 numbers and a letter and would not tell me the company's name or her name. Report it to your bank and it may be a good idea to change your account number.

constantly calling each day leaving threatening messages about a summons
J. W.:

Call from CMRE Financial Services asking for a person who may have had this number several years ago, but no longer. Recorded message left on voice mail requesting a hang-up is not the person requested and then stating that by not hanging up it was an acknowledgment that it was the person being called for. They sometimes call in quick succession so that it forces the second call to go to the phone services voice mail while the first is still ringing. Message left is a mixture of one canned message overlaid with computer generated readings of the names of the requested person and the company they supposedly owe. Hanging up to indicate they have the wrong number does not work, as they will call again and again.

3050 West Agua Fria Freeway
Phoenix, Arizona 85308
United States
(866) 275-1562

"wholesalewarranties.net" is a scam. Received the notice in the mail and called 1-800-939-2806. The guy forwarded me to someone higher to "see if I qualified for the elite level." Once qualified the man said he would transfer me back where a man would tell me the details of the elite level: the cost, the coverage and the length of coverage but that I would have to say yes or no to the coverage on that phone call because once I hung up, it would not be available again. Keys to know this is a scam. 1) there is pressure to decide immediately. 2) they are not able to give you specific details with out you giving an answer immediately afterwards. (there is a poor excuse why this is not possible, such as saying it's a government policy - bull!!) 3) no time to think about the value or research the information/company. Enjoy.
I was able to locate the company. Wholesale Warranties Phone: (800) 939-2806 Fax: (801) 740-5898 10441 Roselle St San Diego, CA 92121

Does not leave a message. When I called back, recording says this call may be monitored or recorded, says nothing about who they are.

Says he is Frank Sharpero and there is a complaint against me from mark Weinberg in the state of Kentucky. I am the respondent and I need to appear then rattles off this case number. You can tell he is a scammer. If this were for real, it would have come from the police or in the mail.

The phone number belongs to Alliance One, a subsidiary of Teleperformace – they are a collection company. Looks like Alliance One has several locations, including 2 on the west coast and several on the east coast. With over 100,000 employees, I am sure that reps can choose from many 800 numbers from where they call from – this way, the one receiving the calls may never know if this is just another 800 number from a collection company or not.

They did not leave a msg.

Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore
They work for the debt collection agencies ..... scumbags.