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Who Called Me From 876-257-0027?


I received a missed call from this number and decided to call them back. The first guy that answered the phone told me it was UPS and they had a undeliverable package for me and then asked me my name, so I told him. Apparently he mis told my name to the next guy that came on the phone. He said that he had a certified check for 2.5 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz for me that I won through publishers clearing house. He proceeded to ask if I lived in the US and if I was 18 or older.Really, did you not dial a US number? He started looking for more info and I asked him what address was on the Package and he said we will verify that next, and then he proceeded to call me by the name his first person gave him, and I said what name is on the Check? He said the wrong name, and I said that was not my name your first guy must have mis heard me, but that is not my name.I explained that this sounds like a good scam and hung up the phone.
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