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Who Called Me From 876-281-1422?


A man named David called my elderly mother and said he was from publishers clearinghouse and wanted her to keep it a surprise but go to a western union. She thought he was sending her money but he actually asking her to send $136 to him to pay for 'the enrollment account' for PCH but he couldn't verify where he was, who he was , or why she had to pay or why isn't he visiting with the big check. My mom doesn't have a car and has only a cheap Tracfone and he wasted 30 minutes of her life and phone minutes. I checked the number he called from and its in Jamaica. PCH is in America. Please beware of these calls from these cyber thieves. That number was 8762811422. Thank you.


This is a scam. Jamaican losers trying to take my money. I asked many questions that could only be answered on the spot and it was put on mute before he could get a valid. They say they are with publishers clearing house and want you to deposit money to an "accountant" the number is 18762811422. They called me back and i gave those little punks my opinion.
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