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Who Called Me From 876-435-7841?


Please people do not fall for this scam. My mom did and sent them the money. They say you have to pay taxes up front on money you won from Publishers Clearing House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officer J. A. Garrett

I just completed a Fraud report associated with this number. This number scammed a victim in Colorado Springs, Colorado out of $1400 with the "fee's" for "winning" with Publisher's Clearing House. Be aware and never send money Western Union or a Green Dot card if you "won" something. These are likely scammers taking your hard earned money and since they are out of the Country, you will not get your money back. PLEASE research phone numbers anytime you get an unsolicited message from someone wanting your money or personal information.


i just got a call from this # telling me i won 2.5 mill and a new car and were in colonsville right now. he asked me how i felt about this and i told him that i didnt beleive him and then the phone went silent.... hahaha
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