Who is calling or texting from 876-792-0565?
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Who Called Me From 876-792-0565?


just got a call from this number that I won a prize of 1.5 million and a Mercedes benz this guy wanted 360.00 please be aware this guy is looking for free money


I just received a call from the same number !! I was sure that this is a hoax call. This guy asked me to go to walmart and asked me to buy the receipt for $190.
He told me that he is from 649 lottery!!
I am kind of wondering how open they are in doing this !!!

Just be aware guys......never believe in this !!


I won $750,000 and A class Mercedes drop top convertible. All had do is western union $95.00. Said they would be to my house in an hour. So I asked if I could talk with Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.
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