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Who Called Me From 876-823-9194?


Call is coming from Jamaica. Wanted me to get western Union Money order to pay for fees for a Money Gram from Western Union that was sent by the IRS.... Yes the IRS. Listed his name as Jim and then Michael Anderson. Please share this scam info with your friends, as on another site, these scammers have taken older folks for money. They also say they are from the Publishing Clearing House and you won a prize. Watch out, hope they catch these guys.


Got a call from somebody called J M Pots from 1-876-823-9194 asking to deposit 397 dollars to a bank account he would give me. But before doing so he wanted to know my full name and address. They need to deliver a parcel. I have not ordered anything from anyone. This is a scam call. Please do not reveal your personal information to any stranger and especially on phone or internet. Beware !


Just got a call saying they were from Publishers Clearing House. Yeah....
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