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Who Called Me From 876-887-7498?


The guy's a child rapist, watch out. If you see this number calling either your phone our your kids do not answer. He's called many people that I know and even me saying that he's going to rape me and my kids. While tracking back his number I found his address to where he lives (I have my ways). If he constantly makes more threats I will post his house address so that he can be dealt with in a timely manner.


This guy called me and said he was "Publisher clearing house" but he's barely translatable with his accent. I told him to put me on his Do Not Call list and he started screaming and swearing at me.


Don't answer this number. Nothing good is on the other end. Same experience as Matt with the "Publisher's clearing house" deal. Heavy accent, and clearly a scammer. He got angry when I called him out on his scam.


Identified himself as David Moore calling from Publishers Clearing House in New York. He knew my home address, told me I had won $5.8 million and a new car with a years free gas! He asked my age and I told him to never ask a lady her age...suddenly he was no longer there! So, I called him back! He seemed shocked. Wanted to know where I worked, my age, my bank. Said 4 people including him and PCH attorney would be here this Saturday at 11:30 am with my 5.8 million and my new car! All I have to do is wire him $750 for the "Stamp of Approval" from my state's governor. NOT!
By the way, I did not give him any of the info he asked for. He did have a heavy accent and told me to "comb my hair and put on a pretty dress"....oh, and he would give me a kiss on the cheek...nothing personal. I think I'll call him back and tell him what else he can kiss!
4 years ago
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