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Who Called Me From 877-335-7040?


they are scammer Dont pay anything to them .....


Nicholas Massey was the Tech I spoken with from this number, he tried to get me yo give him my credit card number and I said I couldn't because I have too many bills. Thinking he was part of BEST BUY I let him on my computer trying to fix my problem because I have a service contract with BEST BUY that I paid for, this guy looked around didn't solve my problem, he gave me his prices in order to fix things but I didn't pay "$249.00 for 3 yes and 499.00 FOR Lifetime service" and after I hung up on with from talking with him I turn restarted my computer and my monitor was black nothing would come up or turn on. I called back to let him know what is going on with my computer after he was allowed to check things out he denied he did anything, I told him Im going to take my computer to BEST BUY because they are who Im contacted with and it was when I called back when I found out he was really MiroSoft I was PISSED. The next day I took my computer to my computer to BEST BUY and Im sure they'll tell me they were scammers.
I see a TYPO....$249.00 for 3 years or $499.00 for a lifetime service. DO NOT PAY PEOPLE
6 months ago
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