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Who Called Me From 877-410-4364?

Mr. Hendrix

Received several calls from this number. Due to the numerous trashy people manipulating the phone number that displays on caller ID, I rarely answer - unless a company name is displayed with the number. Any legitimate business organization that has valid reasons to call with use a person to dial a number and not an electronic device. After 6 missed/ignored calls - I decided to answer. The person claimed to be a representative on a well known satellite tv service. Person claimed to have the ability to open/unlock a segment of channels for a promo time period/promo price. I stated I will pass on the promo offered. The rep stated thanks and hung up. I was clear that I have no interest, yet, the toll free number continues to call - with only two rings per call. Intentional disturbance with two rings and then disconnecting the call. I will love to contact the company, issue a cease and desist - and cross my fingers the clowns go away.


Said they are with Direct TV ( and Direct TV showed on caller ID )
Offering free channels

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