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Who Called Me From 877-411-6116?

Barbara Lee

I received a post card stating that an address change attempt was made on my debit card. I called the number on the card and they said they were EPPIC card representatives (card used for child support payments). Once they asked for my SSN and name, I told them I would call the number on the back of my card so that I was confident it was truly EPPIC card I was speaking to. The rep tried to discourage this saying that I would just be redirected back to him. I hung up, called the number on the back of the card then found out that there was no address change attempted on my account. The post card was a hoax.

Amy branch

I received this card today about an address change and I'm calling the number but never requested an address change!


I received 2 post cards of an address change on two separate dates and two separate times it's now 7:37 p.m. and there's no answer when I call
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