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Who Called Me From 877-479-3789?


This person started talking immediately, apparently, as the Answering Machine could only pick up some of the message. A female caller said that a informal complaint had been filed against me. Documents were going to be served to me either at my home or my place of work. I was told I could call 1-877-479-3789 to talk with the person who had my file.

I did not return the phone call


I have been getting calls from this number and other numbers stating that they have a complaint being filed against me and that documents are being served through the court. These people are rude and relentless and will not stop calling us. Now they are using another number to call our home. I am so fed up with this. Also, they were doing it to our son as well. If anyone knows how to get them to stop calling, please let me know.


On July 5, 2017 a call came in on our home phone which is in my Mother's name (we don't share the same last name). She said they called from a 347 area code so she answered being that it was a familiar area code. The caller asked for me and stated that they were calling from United Processing Service and that a complaint was filed against me and that I needed to return the call and provided a file #. Smelled fishy to me so I didn't bother.

On July 7, 2017 I received a call on my cell phone from (818) 813-7705 stating that they are calling from the servicing division of United Process Service in regards to a formal complaint that requires my immediate attention. They claimed they have documents that are scheduled to be delivered to my home or place of employment. They went on to state that it is a time sensitive matter and it is imperative that I contact the firm handling my file at (877) 479-3789 and reference the file number given. I did not return the call.

Since then I have been getting calls from blocked numbers daily which I do not answer.

I don't owe anyone, I made sure of that before I got the mortgage for my home 2 years ago, so I know my credit is clean. I googled 877-479-3789 and did locate Direct Consumer Group located at 201 Main Street 6th Floor Fort Worth, TX 76102. 877-479-3789, but I still believe this is a SCAM that is either using that number or connected with that company be it real or fake. I intend to report it to all agencies possible.

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