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Who Called Me From 877-503-6374?


They called me this morning and a guy named Mike Bell said he was calling from the fraud department at Global One Arbitration. He left a message for someone that was NOT me and that the person he was calling for was implicated in fraud and that charges were being made against her and that she should consider herself notified and served. I called this jerk back to let him know he had the wrong number. After several attempts a VERY RUDE girl answered the phone and I when I explained to her that he had the wrong number, she told me he realized that he called me in error and he had her apologize for him. He didn't even have the balls to apologize himself.

One another note, if you get a call from these idiots saying that you have been formally notified and served, don't fall for it. The only way to place a person on notice of a lawsuit is by personal service of a summons. This is a total scam and these people are liars.


I'm a debt collector and these tactics are against the law. These people are trying to scare you into paying them. DO NOT call them back. It's a waste of your time.


This is the second time they've called me and this guy name Kevin Something Michael telling me that I have a lawsuit filed against me. He really scared the heck out of me until I check the number and came on this site. Oh! what a relief! Those people could definitely kill an elderly person with their scamming phone calls. Unbelievable!


Called out of "SF" to say that they worked with gas and electric utilities and were notifying of price changes and to lock in a "number" (they ment a price) multiple scams a yr im used to it.
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