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Who Called Me From 877-627-2811?


This is NOT USAA nor an affiliate. I received a call form that number and some guy said he was with USAA mortgage services and he asked if I could hold on the line while he connected me to a specialist. Already seeing this as fraud, I asked the guy what department he was in. He said some incoherent department name and re-iterated that there was a problem with my mortgage and he needed to connect me to a specialist. I told him no and that I would call USAA myself. When I called USAA they said there is no issue with my mortgage and that there was no record of someone trying to call me. I did further research online and found out that number (877-627-2811) attempts to steal your identity by claiming to be with USAA life insurance, vehicle insurance or mortgage services. I called USAA and reported this to the fraud department. USAA said they will issue a member alert informing people to not answer calls from that number.


This is NOT USAA or an affiliate. My wife called after a message was left. No one was trying to contact her. The second call, two hours later, my wife returned. She was connected to a guy that gave his speech. My wife said he was not USAA. He said he was an affiliate. She said he was lying and she will call the state attorney general if they contacted us again. He put us on the do not call list.

Scott Bishop

Wow, this blog is old. Well, here is is July 2014 and this number is still calling people. They called me a few days ago and left a voicemail saying they were from USAA calling me about a life insurance policy, which is strange, because I actually HAD been looking at life insurance through USAA. I never called back though. They called again later and didn't leave any voicemail. I just blocked the number.


This number just called me TWICE yesterday 9 July, i tried calling back and no one picked up I'm thankful for this blog because I know to just block the number.


This is a fraud. USAA does not use 3rd party vendors to call or set up appointments with members. Block this number


Called me today and left no voice mail. Ironically, I am a USAA member.


Not affiliated with USAA. Call the USAA fraud line at 1-877-762-7256 and they will put a watch on your account


I received a few calls I ran a life insurance quote to be entered to win super bowl tickets through USAA and received a follow up phone call so possible that this phone is linked to USAA or they have some form of breach.


Affiliated or not, when the caller ID says 'UNAVAILABLE' I know it is not USAA. As a USAA member, their call identification is always shown. If I am home when they call, I will ask them to provide my member number to me to ensure they are who they say they are [CLICK] <grin.
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