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Who Called Me From 877-651-5625?


Total RIP OFF locksmith company


rip off indeed. Got charged $200 for a $50 door knob. The locksmith couldn't even speak english so I had no way of asking questions before installation. Stay away


Total charleton. Qiouted $50 and came to the door asking for $185


Exactly as above...quoted $15 transportation and a minimum of $50 to unlock a car door AAA has always jimmied open in less than 10 seconds. When they got here they said $180 which included $35 transportation and they would have to take the door off. Told them no, was calling BBB, but they are still harassing me. 24 7 lock smithing is their latest name


Said $15 for trip charge, probably $35 to get into my car after I gave them a date range of 2009-2011. Locksmith shows up, says because car is so new, he will need to "air-jack" it. Took 7 seconds, $150. Then he tried to tell me that he could hook me up with my own pump wedge kit for $200 (FYI, you can pick up a pump wedge for a out $40 online, if not less). BullS#|t. I knew this was a scam right off. Calling the BBB, Lisa Madigan's office, and as a realtor , just spreading the word in general.
Wow, these guys must think we're either clueless or have never dealt with locksmiths before...
Keep digging your business grave, 24/7.


They are a rip off they didn't come to open my door because I cancelled because they wanted to charge 150. They are still calling me.

The Messenger

This is a scam locksmith company operating out of a call center in Tel Aviv, Israel. They use a bunch of fake addresses in the US to appear "local." Their office phones in Israel are 972-3-9192340 and 972-3-726-2974
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