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Who Called Me From 877-654-1490?


These people keep calling me asking for my daughter. The annoying message keeps repeating, "If you are not _____ , please hang up. Do not continue to listen to this message as the info is private." They repeat the message several times before finally giving their name and phone number. The only way you can get them to answer the initial call is to answer as the person they are looking for. Then when I get a live person, they tell me to give their information to my daughter so they can update their records. I have given the info to her. If she chooses to call them, that's her decision. I have asked them repeatedly to take my number off their calling list, but they've continued to call me for about two years! So, I've reported them to the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357) per the ‘Do Not Call List.’ I called them and got the information I sought: Revenue Group 3700 Park East Attn: Linda Clark Cleveland, Ohio 44122 If you need to send them a letter, that’s the address. God bless!
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