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Who Called Me From 877-731-4315?


This is a marketing group, don't know what they are selling, and really don't care. However, if you call them back, the have a live preson answer and they are nice, ask and they will remove you from there list.


This was Arrow Electronics (an industrial parts distributor) following up on a trade show lead (I visited their booth at the show.) A very cordial woman asked me some reasonable questions about buying plans. I can't tell if this was Arrow directly, or a firm hired to do follow up, but the call I received was professional and completely harmless.


The number called me, but I didn't answer. They didn't leave any messages, so I guess they don't care that much.

Anonymous (from the previous pos

I looked up the number online and according to http://www.chamberofcommerce.com/englewood-co/11214677-alternative-technolgy/ it's for a place in Englewood, Colorado called "Alternative Technologies". In particular, it's Product Manager Marcia Raguse's office number.


Arrow electronics checking up on an order I amde


Arrow Electronics checking up on an order
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