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Who Called Me From 877-780-4515?

juan pech

They called with a case number
did you get a call from an unknown number as well from a james burk(e) or burt saying they were going to stop by your house or work with papers
3 years ago
Yes I got the same call.
3 years ago


My wife got a call from a Samantha Costello to call this number. But the call came from a fax number at a local union.


Hello my husband did get a call from this number that he will get served at home or work. Is this a scam ir what? Cuz you wouldn't be getting a phone call if you will be served w/papers as far as I know. I mean even you had a restrainting order out on someone, would you give them heads up? Ig anyone knows for sure this is a scam please put it out there! It sounds like as scam
What was the verdict when you called them back?
3 years ago

I m

My husband get the same call and the service some paper at work and house what scam are they play?
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