Who is calling or texting from 877-782-7612?
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Who Called Me From 877-782-7612?


The name is Nationstar Mortgage Company. Sometimes acts as a debt collector.


I got a call from this number alleging to be from my mortgage company. But I do not think the person was telling the truth.


I had a miss call on cell phone from 1-877 -782-7612. I call the number it ask for the last 4 of social security number. I called nation star and was told that was not their number

A Nationstar customer

I just received a call from this number and felt uneasy about it. I hung up and contacted my mortgage company (customer service number on my statement) and they verified it was a legitimate call. The person I called was able to reiterate to me what the initial caller had spoken to me about. I am now fine with receiving calls from this number. But it never hurts to check it out before giving out personal information!


They called me saying my verizon account has been suspended please press 1 to speak to someone. I hung up.
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