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Who Called Me From 877-786-0016?


Received a call from this number asking for my daughter who does not live with us. I asked who was calling and all she would say is Sherri. I asked from what company and she said it was in reference to a business matter. I told her if she did not want to tell me where she was calling from, I would not give my daughters number to her. The odd thing is that the number originated from 401-536-9424, which is a local number, but the call back number she left is the one above.
I just got a call for an intern that only works like twice a month. So I was super suspicious. He told me is is from Windham Professionals which is a collection agency. I think they must have Googled her and saw her name on our website and decided to call us.
5 years ago


This random lady called me and said is this (random name)? I said no and she said I'm sorry, and very, very rapidly it said this conversation will be recorded for security purposes.
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