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Who Called Me From 877-856-6285?


I can't get through to a real person to cancel magazine subscription that automatically renewed! I got a three month "free" subscription that automatically renewed. When I was in the Deb shop (jr's clothes store) they never said anything about the subscription automatically renewing. I can't get through to a real person to cancel!!!
I'm having the same exact problem, have you been able to get through to a real person yet? I have no idea how to go about canceling this or even getting my money back.
4 years ago
Same thing happened to my wife today after looking at our bank account
4 years ago
I just cancelled all my orders of the magazines that I was being charged with just go carefully through the options that it offers. Say cancel order your name and zip code and what they ask from you to make sure its the right address. After that it'll ask they can offer you a better deal say NO to it and then they'll ask again if its correct that you want to continue to cancel the order say Yes. Don't hang up listen to the next options say cancel order if suggested for the next magazine and repeat the same process. For the third time it wont suggest cancel order but say Cancel order and it should go through. write down the number that they give you of your order incase they start charging you again.
4 years ago
this was very helpful.
4 years ago
Cynthia R:
just call
4 years ago
What is the reference confirmation number that they give you,for?
4 years ago
anybody know the website to cancell this magezines
3 years ago
Same thing happened to me. I was at Deb and they asked me if I wanted free magazines and I asked what's the catch and she said nothing. Nothing to buy, nothing to pay later and no signing up for contract! She lied and now I just received a charge on my Credit card!
3 years ago
Same thing happened to me! I was able to reach customer service with this issue but no refund and the guy was rude!! I'm mad that this happened..
3 years ago
I tried to help out the local school kids and got "You pay 12.99 up front with no other actions needed". What a crock of crap! A YEAR later I started to receive my magazines and then got hit with $66.00 charge on my credit card. Amy had it right I had to go through the entire voice computer process and cancel. I will have to check my account to see when it will be credited and they did give me a confirmation number which I wrote down.
3 years ago
I just dealt with the same thing this morning. The cashier at Deb said I wouldn't ever have to pay anything, but she also said I would get 1 free issue. She did not say that I would keep getting them. Well, I did keep getting them and this morning I saw a charge on my bank account for $12. Called this number and supposedly all my orders are canceled and I will never be charged again.
3 years ago


This also happened to my daughter. Deb clothing store said she would get a free magazine. It later turned to charges on her charge card. This seems illegal to me. How can they charge your card without you saying they could? She called the number and cancelled the subscriptions. turned out to be five of Subscriptions.. She is supposed to get her money back. Cross our fingers.
How was she able to get her money back?? I haven't received those magazines for months and still am getting charged. I can't get ahold of a real person.
3 years ago


This just happened to me too and I am furious!
If you call and follow the prompts they will cancel your subscription and they say 1-2 days for a refund. After that you can keep pressing 0 to get an operator. The real problem is the Deb shop. They flat out lied and said there were no strings attached! What a crock!
3 years ago
They told me that it was all explained in the brochure I received. I explained over and over that I wasn't given a brochure. The girl at the register held up a brochure and held it while I pointed to 3 magazines, than took it back. They must get some kind of spiff or commission for signing people up. I am so annoyed about it!
3 years ago


Exact same thing happened to me at Deb. I can't believe I fell for it, I knew something like that would happen, although in my mind, I never thought they would flat out lie. I had over $100 in charges on my credit card. At least I got the back, but it took an hour on the phone. If they hadn't filed bankruptcy, I would almost want to file a class action. Now I understand why people do that. It's outright fraud!


Thank you! This was very helpful.


Same deal. I want my money back and I went through the process of canceling but will I get my money back?


This is happening to me as well, in November of 2014 debs offered to send me 3 different magazine subscriptions of my choice for FREE for three months, now almost a year later my credit card is being charged! I don't even know how they have my card number! This is not ok, and should not be happening. I'm not even receiving magazines nor do I want to pay $35 a month to receive them! Someone please tell me how I can get my money back? I called the number to cancel subscriptions, but want to get ahold of a operator to figure this out.
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