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Who Called Me From 877-917-9053?


I put this number on another similar site. It has been reported on some other sites. An outgoing recorded message states that this is the third an final time that you have to respond to settle a hot check case against you. It has been reported that a man by the name of "Lou" answers when you call the number. I found this to be true when I called. He did not mention the name of the company or what the particulars of the "case" were, but, if I gave him my phone number he could look it up. I did not give him my ph. number. Also, they stated on their message that the case was tied to someone with your number and SSN, so they may be out to get more than just your phone number. I told "Lou" that I was going to contact my local county attorney's office to see if there were any hot check cases against me. It would be up to them to contact me about any problems. This guy/group may be from the Chicago area, so I don't see why they are calling people up around the country (notice the toll-free number) BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM.
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