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Who Called Me From 877-959-1417?


Calls several times a day...no name..no message
Calls and then no one answers when I pick up.
4 years ago


Several calls a day. No message, no answers.


It's Charter Communications.


Called Charter directly to complain about this number and received no resolution. The "customer service" department could not give me a number for resolution. Irritating........


This has to be a scam
Its Charter but I get it also in spite of the fact that I recently canceled and returned all equipment. Buh bye Charter!
3 years ago


This # did not show up on my caller id(charter service I have) but they left a message on my voice mail, un clear what they were saying. The message lasted about 7 seconds. can not find the # on reverse look up either.


Called but left no message...


This number is really annoying!! 6 calls in one day but no voicemail.


Several calls in a day, no messages either. I called it back and got Charter Communications. I spoke to customer service about it and was put on a "no call list" She thought it was most likely the sales department.
I got a call from this number claiming to be Charter. I heard giggling in the background and the girl was very unprofessional. She attempted to try to convince me my bill was due and that I had to make a payment over the phone with her. I informed her that I have a payment schedule set up and have had one set up for quite a while and I'd kindly be sticking to that and paying directly.
3 years ago


I have received SO many calls from 877-959-1417 that I have the number blocked on my phone, but they still come in on a daily basis and sometimes multiple times a day. I called the number via my work phone today and spoke with Martin. He was apologetic saying that my number that I have had for 15 plus years is attached to an account that is past due. I informed him that I have not been a charter customer in years and never plan on being one again. He kept asking me for my address to verify what they have in their computer. I told him to tell me what the address showed, but he refused. I also refused to give him my address. I asked that he make sure that I do not receive another call but was then told that until the owner of the past due account that supposedly shows my phone number calls in where they can get the correct number and nothing can be done. I say it's time for a class action harassment law suit.
chartered out:
I agree... "CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT"!!! Now that might clear the cob webs out of their little brains. I received 2 calls between 6:45 am and again a little after 7:00 am today already! My bill is not even due until a a few days from now. We cancelled our cable... maybe time to cancel our internet service with them too! I think someone did something about their annoying commercials (used to jack up the sound
1 year ago


STOP Calling


Yes, This is just a payment reminder courtesy call from Charter.
3 years ago


I get 3 or more calls a day... 4 times a week. At least 12 calls a week. At least. They call during class and I hit ignore. So they call again. I hit ignore AGAIN. I'm embarrassed for my phone to have buzzed this much during class so when they go ahead and call the third time, I answer and hang up. Never fails. I'm SO beyond fed up. One time my husband answered and spoke with them. They wanted me to upgrade my package. No thanks please put on no call list. I still get calls. Ugh!
Turn off your phone when you are in class then you won't have to suffer any embarrassment!
1 year ago


These douchebags call 3 times a day and leave no message. The one time I answered it was Charter Communications. I am not a customer, and have not been for a long time


They call every hour and don't leave a msg, don't say anything when I answer. How can I get them to stop calling?!
3 years ago
They call me multiple times a day and my bill is paid through auto draft on time every month.
2 years ago
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